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Our New Cremation Suite


Our bespoke Private Cremation Suite opened in 2016 provides total transparency and has proved very popular for pet owners who are concerned or need hard evidence that it is their own pets ashes alone that they are receiving back to them.

We manage to provide this guarantee for pet owners in our specialised Suite which has been purpose designed, by providing an “optional” viewing widow, you are able to see an empty single cremation chamber and witness your own pet being sympathetically and professionally placed into the chamber in either an open or closed coffin before the door is closed and the cremation procedure begins.

It is not forced upon anyone to use the viewing window but it is available if required and can give total peace of mind to anyone who is concerned.

There are further benefits connected to using the new Suite:

  • Pet owners may accept our hospitality and refreshments while waiting in the Suite, which has beautiful views of our gardens, fish pond and waterfall, while the cremation takes place, allowing the pets ashes to be taken home within a couple of hours, depending upon the size of the pet.
  • Alternatively owners may wish to ensure that they are completely satisfied that it is their own pet being cremated totally on their own and they may then wish to leave the crematorium, either remaining locally or returning home and returning later in the day or another day altogether.
  • Other people may wish to use the Suite to provide total peace of mind but really do not wish to be present for part or any of the procedure, it is totally acceptable if you wish to say your final farewell in the Chapel of Rest and leave the crematorium but your pet will continue to the Suite in your absence for cremation and you may return at your leisure to collect your pets ashes.

We always do our very best to ensure that everyone is able to do what they feel is right for them and grieve in their own way, we pledge to support everyone through the process in a sympathetic and professional manner to the very best of our ability.

Our bespoke Suite is the very first of it’s kind in the County and we believe in the UK as a whole and has been praised as revolutionary by Vets, Veterinary Staff, The Chamber of Commerce, HSC Bank, and not forgetting the large number of pet owners who have viewed or experienced the Suite.

We all strongly believe in our vision of total transparency, with all pets handled in a dignified and professional manner at all times.  The Suite is available for viewing prior to use by appointment when it is not in use.