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Individual Cremation Services

Here at PCS we are fully aware we cannot take away the pain and grief of losing a friend and companion, we hope we are able to offer a littel comfort to pet owners at their time of loss.

Memories held of your pets last a lifteime and we hope the services offered do not overshadow the . . .

Remembrance Garden

Our variety of gardens offer something for everyone and includes the cottage garden, rockery and waterfall, tiered levels, shrubbery, oriental and alpine not forgetting our nature area where planting etc., are kept to a minimum to encourage birds and other creatures.

Seating is provided . . .

Interment & Scattering of Ashes

Interment and Scattering of Ashes may take place in the grounds, which are also available for the placing of Memorials where we provide a peaceful resting place, surrounded by open countryside, which you may visit during our working hours Monday-Friday.


Our variety of gardens . . .

Emergency Services

For our clients convenience we operate an emergency out of hours service between 5pm-9pm Monday to Friday

9am-4pm Saturday and Sunday and 10am-4pm on Bank Holidays including Christmas and New Years Day.


During these hours a member of staff is available by calling Mobile . . .

Bereavement: Coping with Loss


Learning to cope with the loss:

There are several stages of grief that you must go through before the final resolution:

Stage One - Denial - Often the first response for many pet owners giving them a buffer against the sharp emotional shock.


Stage Two . . .