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Farm Animals - Goats, Sheep and Cattle

Now reclassified by DEFRA as SRM (Specific Risk Material)

If you own any farm animals as pets you should be aware that Bovine, Ovine and Caprine animals (i.e., Goats, Sheep and Cattle) have been reclassified by DEFRA as SRM. Since the introduction of the new legislation it has become illegal for anyone to dispose of any animal in this classification at any unauthorised site or premises.

This applies to both regular farm animals and pet goats, and sheep etc.

All premises cremating Goats, Sheep or Cattle must now hold a special SRM approval. Goats, Sheep and Cattle are now classified as SRM (specific risk material) and these animals must be tracked by paper trail from owner to final disposal at approved premises.

We are fortunate to be approved by DEFRA to cremate and dispose of SRM animals and we would be pleased to discuss any problems you have. Please note it is illegal for any remains to be returned to owners of Goats, Sheep or Cattle and the correct paper work must be provided in line with DEFRA requirements.

NOTE: It is your responsibility when disposing of animals in this classification that you ensure they are dealt with by approved sites only and ensure you are provided with the correct documentation to allow the tracking of each SRM animal.